Learn to feel grounded, strong, and balanced.

Deb Sandweiss is a physical education, yoga, and mindfulness teacher who believes in the power of the mind and body to transform lives. Her journey as a soccer player to yoga lover, from body image struggles to self acceptance has driven her career. Want to feel grounded, strong, and balanced? Deb excels at guiding others to make mindful choices that align with how they want to feel and relate in the world.

A parent, poet, traveler and chocolate lover, Deb swears by the power of her morning rituals to approach crowded classrooms and a never ending to do list with grace.  


Work with Deb

My mission is to guide people of all backgrounds and ages to identify, understand, and attain their greatest aspirations, to feel strong and grounded in mind and body, and to find balance in a complex world.

School Mindfulness Programs

With over twenty years of classroom experience in diverse communities, I believe teaching students how to develop focused attention and relaxed breathing to deal with stress and anxiety are critical to learning. The importance of developing an awareness of one's own feelings and becoming more attuned to the feelings of others brings connection and meaning. Mindfulness instruction gives students lifelong tools for well being.

School-wide Integration: Support faculty, students, and parents with mindfulness practice.

Faculty First: Support teachers with mindfulness practice and self care. Start teachers with a half-day or give teachers a number of weeks of support to encourage their own mindfulness practice. Teacher mindfulness practice is key to successfully teaching students.

Students: Introduce mindfulness with a 16 lesson program (Mindful Schools curriculum) in 1-2 grade levels.

A suggested format includes:

Two 30-minute teacher support sessions

A new lesson each week

Teachers learn alongside students. No new curriculum to introduce.

Students receive journaling prompts and weekly challenges.

Lessons may include:

Focused Attention, Mindful Breathing

Open Awareness, Mindful Listening

Body Awareness

Mindfulness of Emotions

Why Generosity Matters


The Negativity Bias

Fostering Empathy

Mindful Eating

Mindfulness of Thoughts

Judgement and the Inner Critic

Why Gratitude Matters

Anxiety and Test Taking

Mindful Communication

Technology Use

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga begins with the breath and is accessible to everybody. Develop balance, strength, and flexibility through the practice of yoga. Offering private and group instruction.


Seaside Yoga Sanctuary, Carmel

12:00-1:00 Yin Yoga

Sanctuary Climbing and Fitness, Seaside


Yoga Flow

Gentle Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction  


Kids/Teen Yoga and mindfulness

Mindfulness series (see topics in School Programs section)

Strength Training

Physical strength leads to mental strength, confidence, and positivity. Developing and maintaining strength is an important component of health, especially as we age. I work with people of all fitness levels to develop body awareness and strength for long term health. Offering personal and small group training.

Health Programs for Youth

As a physical education and health teacher I specialize in guiding young people to develop healthy lifelong habits. Offering individual or group instruction on topics ranging from fitness and yoga, body image, nutrition, stress management, communication, and mindfulness.


"Last year was one of my most challenging teaching years and Deb's yoga class was an essential element in helping me to relieve stress, invigorate my body, and allowed me to gain a calming perspective on my day."

Megan Burns, Teacher

"The most powerful result of mindful morning meetings with Deb was the sense of community it created in our classroom. Students felt safe and cared for by their peers. They could take any risk in the classroom and know that these were more than classmates, but a community of peers that understood each other and picked each other up to be their absolute best."

Ted Guzowski, Teacher

"Deb helped me realize one of the barriers to deeply hearing my children is that I assume I know what's best for them. It reminded me of their need for control over their lives and to focus on listening more and telling less."

Kara Morgan, Mother


About Me

My Journey Towards Awareness

I’ve always known at a deep level my need for quiet. As a middle school PE teacher surrounded by noise, lunchtime was a time of refuge. While other teachers gathered in the staff lounge or hosted students in their rooms, I wondered if others saw me as anti social or uninterested in others. This didn’t prevent me from attending to my needs, but it made me reflect on how at some level our culture does not support the pursuit of well being.

As a girl growing up taking care of myself meant counting calories and tackling the hardest level on the stairmaster. It meant keeping up with my teammates at soccer practice and fitting into designer jeans. I frequently wore a sweatshirt around my waist, and even though I was strong and fit, I worried about how I looked and judged myself for what I ate. My yoga practice of over twenty years developed an awareness of the connection between emotion and how it’s experienced in the body and the peace I found on my mat.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching goals has come naturally to me. After deciding with my husband to have a child, I immediately got pregnant and delivered a beautiful boy. I assumed the next time would be the same but instead had a series of unsuccessful pregnancies. No matter how well I took care of myself and planned on a second child, it proved out of my control. The emotional roller coaster of this time period was the most difficult of my life. My mindfulness practice helped me get in touch with my emotions and come to a place of acceptance.

The mind resembles a muscle that can be exercised, becoming stronger, more flexible, and steadier in the face of challenges. Developing focused attention, an awareness of how emotion is expressed in the body, and relaxed breathing are powerful tools to feel grounded and present in our lives.


Physical Education Teaching Credential and Master's in Education

Yoga Alliance Registered teacher

YogaKids Training

Qualified Mindfulness teacher


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training


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My mission is to guide people of all backgrounds to identify, understand, and attain their greatest aspirations, to feel strong and grounded in mind and body, and to find balance in a complex world.

Hiking Trail

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with
a single step."

Lao Tzu


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